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About Us

"Phil Joy, of Benicia, is a special kind of magician. He levitates whole houses, and even a few train cars, and moves them around like, well, building blocks.",says John Waters Jr., in an article in Weekly Calistogan News.

“I started off with Lincoln Logs and building blocks as a kid,” said Joy. On a Thanksgiving morning, Joy moved a house off district land back to Jackson. Without any wires to relocate, "The move took just 30 minutes", he said.


Historic Preservation

Joy has a big passion for restoring and preserving California history. On May 2010, the Historic Preservation Month, Gerry Hayes – Benicia Historical Society President – attended on behalf of the Historical Society to recognize Phil Joy and Jack MacCoun for their outstanding contributions to the community in regard to historic preservation with their ongoing projects in the City of Benicia. Joy has also helped preserve other states' heritages, Hawaii for example. In 2006, he moved a Hawaiian treasure: a 65-ton life-size bronze statue of Ikua Purdy with a concrete base.

Recycling and saving Jobs

Phil Joy helped swap old metal – and more – to save the jobs of local school crossing guards. He hauled it to Alco Iron and Metal on Mare Island, which has promised him top dollar for the scrap. Then he donated that money for school crossing guards, some of whose jobs are endangered by the current economy. Joy said, “ I’m not a political person,” although he occasionally sits in on Council meetings. “I’m just doing my little part...I got a lot of calls saying, "I have this thing, but I don't think I can pick it up," and I said, "Don't! I'll come get it!" That makes this project one part beautification, one part environmentalism, and two parts community service, all concepts familiar to Joy. Read more...

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Phil Joy House Moving & Leveling is a member of the International Association of Structural Movers.

Why are we a GREEN business?

Relocating structures is the world's oldest and largest recycling industry. In addition to creating and saving jobs and preserving historic structures, these services prevent wasteful demolition, reduce material in landfills, provide increased opportunities for affordable housing, and offer a multitude of additional benefits to the local communities.

Business Awards

Phil Joy has received an innovation award from the International Association of Structural Movers and a preservation award from the City of Benicia.

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